Prenuptial Agreements in Irvine and Orange Country, CA

Prenuptial Agreements in Irvine and Orange Country, CA

Our Attorneys Can Protect Your Interests

Negotiating a prenuptial agreement does not always seem like the most romantic choice but, for many couples, it is the smart one. Prenuptial agreements also called prenups, premarital agreements or even antenuptial agreements allow marrying couples to protect their separate property during a marriage. At Quinn & Dworakowski we help clients in Irvine, and Orange Country, CA and surrounding areas draft, review and litigate prenuptial agreements. We also handle issues related to postnuptial agreements, which are sometimes created during a marriage.

We can offer advisement and representation related to:

  • Prenuptial agreements, which are entered into prior to a marriage; and
  • Postnuptial agreements, which are entered into after a marriage has begun.

If you are interested in protecting your interests or have been given a prenuptial agreement to sign by your fiancée or spouse, our Orange County prenup attorneys can offer the legal counsel you need.

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Prenuptial Agreements in Irvine and Orange Country, CA

Good prenuptial agreements should contain detailed descriptions of the significant property and debts owned by each partner. Depending on the nature and complexity of these assets, a prenuptial agreement can be just a few pages or a few hundred. At Quinn & Dworakowski, we draft each prenup so that it meets the exact needs of our clients.

To be valid, a prenuptial agreement must meet certain requirements:

  • Be signed by both spouses
  • Be accompanied by a complete disclosure of all assets, income and debts of each spouse
  • List court-ordered maintenance being paid or received
  • Allow spouses sufficient opportunity to consider the provisions of the agreement consult with lawyers before signing
  • Be entered into freely and voluntarily

Quinn & Dworakowski specializes in a collaborative practice that emphasizes thoroughness, planning for the future, and setting out your prenuptial agreement.

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