The attorneys at Quinn & Dworakowski have successfully handled hundreds of restraining order cases. We are experienced and skilled trial attorneys, and our litigation talents serve us well in this area since allegation of domestic violence frequently result in court hearings. California has severe laws regarding domestic violence. While this is great if you seek protection from an abuse spouse or partner but can be devastating if you are the one accused of domestic violence. Indeed, restraining orders can have profound and long-lasting consequences in Family Court, including loss of custody of your child and loss of spousal support. Moreover, a restraining order, which can be issued for five years, and even renewed indefinitely under circumstances, carries serious non-family court related consequences also. For instance, a restrained person's information will be entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) database, which means that every background search performed will reveal the existence of the restraining order, adversely affecting current or prospective employment opportunities. Moreover, a domestic violence restraining order prohibits the restrained person from possessing a firearm. This will clearly affect the restrained person's ability to have a job in the military, law enforcement, or any other job requiring a firearm.

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